Scare Co Creations


All in one, From scary to fun, Shop of custom embroidery, costumes, and props.

We, at Scare Co, started as travelling Haunt Actors/Online Entertainers. We know how important self and business promotion is but how expensive it can become. We wanted a way to help ourselves but more importantly those that share similar worlds. So Scare Co Creations was created.

A lot of what we offer is custom embroidery work. If you want to personalize your wardrobe or decor for fun or for promotion of a character, business, or social media persona. We are here to give you that professionalism you've been looking for.

Don't need any customization? Well we got you covered with that too with fun original Scare Co merch.

We are inspired by YOU!

Between our own creative minds and what you all challenge us with your imaginations we are constantly evolving.