Friday Classes

9:00 am: Gina Vincenza Van Epps aka Psycho Seamstress
Class: Costuming for Haunt Attractions
Description: Costume Themes, Design, Fabrication, Styling, Thrift Shopping, Fitting, Repairs and Cleaning.

10:30 am: Shawn Ronzio from Cave troll Productions
Class: Animatronics, and Understanding Mechanical assembly
Description: With visual aids and demonstration, I will elaborate the steps required from inception to execution on the process of making an animatronic creature.
I will discuss every aspect of the fundimental process before focusing on the application of servos and cabel pulls as well as their controllers.

12:00 pm: 

1:30 pm: Stuart Smith from Stuartizm Designs LLC
Class: UV/3D methods and techniques
Description: A small intro video detailing what UV 3-D is and then a short message about it and then open it up to the attendees for Q&A

2:30 pm: Matt Davis from The Fear Farm 
Class: Who Hates Extra Money
Description: Who hates extra money? NOBODY! That’s why you need to take this class. If you have been looking for ways to increase your revenue per person there are many ways to do it. This class will give some popular ideas and how well they have worked or not worked for us, and specifically focus on adding 5 minute escape rooms. Towards the end of class I will give you 2 different scenarios of games I have made for $5 five minute escape rooms to build your own and make that money! You can’t “escape” the show without taking this class!

4:00 pm: Leonard Pickel
Class: Psychological Fright: Fear is All in the Mind!
Description: Description: Haunters are always looking for ways to increase the scare factor of their attractions, but there are only so many giant animatronics that the budget can handle. In this session, industry veteran Leonard Pickel will delve deep into the psyche of the human brain and share psychological tips and tricks that he uses to increase the scare factor of the over 200 fright attractions he has designed for clients over his 40 year history of scaring people. This class will cover how to use the patrons' imagination against them to increase the effectiveness of existing scares and use psychology to create new scares in your attraction. Check out Leonard's website or contact him at or 972-951-5100

Friday Workshops

10:30 am: Mythica von Griffyn from XFX Makeup
Class: How to speed paint your haunt on a low budget
Description: Tips, tricks and techniques to go from zero to zombie and more in under 3 minutes. 

2:30 pm: Michael Burnett from FrightNight Studios LLC
Description: Every horror film icon has his or her weapon of choice but how do the filmmakers create these scary scenes and still keep all the actors safe? Rubber stunt weapons of course! In this workshop, Special Makeup Effects artists Michael Burnett will show you through demonstration how to mold and cast then you will learn hands on to seam, assemble and finish your very own realistic film quality urethane foam stunt axe!

4:30 pm: Mythica von Griffyn from XFX Makeup
Class: UV Character Creations & Enhancements
Description: How to utilize UV makeup with your existing characters to enhance your scare.

Saturday Classes

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Sunday Classes

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