Friday Classes

9:00 am: Gina Vincenza Van Epps aka Psycho Seamstress
Class: Costuming for Haunt Attractions
Description: Costume Themes, Design, Fabrication, Styling, Thrift Shopping, Fitting, Repairs and Cleaning.

10:30 am: Johnny "Bronto" Lipscomb from
Class: How to grow your Haunt's presence on Instagram!
Description: "In this class, Johnny ""Bronto"" Lipscomb will break down the Instagram platform, showing the basic functionality of the different features.

12:30 pm: Stuart Smith from Stuartizm Designs LLC
Class: UV/3D methods and techniques
Description: A small intro video detailing what UV 3-D is and then a short message about it and then open it up to the attendees for Q&A

2:30 pm: Matt Davis from Scream Fields

4:00 pm: Rachel Johnson from Emma Vön Zombie SpFX
Class: 5 minute Monsters
Description: Makeup artist can spend as much time on one face or too little on another through these tips and tricks i can show you how to get a good momentum going to make sure all your scare actors can be out in their spots on time.

Friday Workshops

10:30 am: Leonard Pickel from
Class: Psychological Fright: Fear is All in the Mind!
Description: Haunters are always looking for ways to increase the scare factor of their attractions, but there are only so many giant animatronics that the budget can handle. In this session, industry veteran Leonard Pickel will delve deep into the psyche of the human brain and share psychological tips and tricks that he uses to increase the scare factor of the over 200 fright attractions he has designed for clients over his 40 year history of scaring people. This class will cover how to use the patrons' imagination against them to increase the effectiveness of existing scares and use psychology to create new scares in your attraction. Check out Leonard's website or contact him at or 972-951-5100

2:00 pm: Michael Burnett from FrightNight Studios LLC
Description: "Every horror film icon has his or her weapon of choice but how do the filmmakers create these scary scenes and still keep all the actors safe? Rubber stunt weapons of course!

In this workshop, Special Makeup Effects artists Michael Burnett will show you through demonstration how to mold and cast then you will learn hands on to seam, assemble and finish your very own realistic film quality urethane foam stunt axe!

Friday Classes

9:00 am: Dutch Bihary from ContoursFX
Class: Chromadepth for Haunts.
Description: Understanding chromadepth, demonstration of application, overview of tools, art and thematic pointers.

11:00 am: Joshua Overturf from Composite Effects
Class: Utilizing Silicone Masks in Your Attraction
Description: An interactive course discussing basic and advanced techniques for utilizing silicone masks in your attraction.

1:00 pm: Justin Blackburn from Sithon, LLC
Class: Simplify Recruiting & Managing of Actors
Description: Good, dependable actors are the key to every successful haunt. The process for recruiting, assigning spots, and communicating with your actors can feel time consuming and disjointed at times. In this class, we will dive into some tips and strategies for recruiting, as well as ways to effectively manage your actors and staff. We will include time for a short round table discussion. We will also see a demo of Sithon, which is one such tool designed specifically for haunts to facilitate actor recruitment and management. You should leave the class with some ideas and tools you can use to more effectively manage your actors next season and beyond.

2:30 pm: Michael Burnett from FrightNight Studios LLC

4:00 pm: Ty Rowley from Foggy Jack Live
Class: Bring "Magic" To A Haunt & How to Podcast a Haunt
Description: Bringing "Magic" to a Haunt: Will be a class about what a haunt can do by either bringing in a magician for their haunt OR having a magician come into the haunt. I think that I have some interesting insights into this idea and some stuff that I do not think many people have thought about before! I would love to teach about this idea that I have!

How to Podcast a Haunt:
I have been running a podcast for a few years now and I think that creating a podcast and using that as advertisement has not been done in the haunt and I think that it is something that haunters need to look into more!

Friday Workshops

9:00 am: Ray Lane from Impossible Escape
Class: How To Set Up A Google My Business Page
Description: In this workshop, we will teach how to set up a Google My Business page for success. Attendees will be encouraged to bring their laptop, and set up their business page during the workshop. We will discuss claiming or creating the page, optimization, content, categories, and much more.

12:30 pm: Tyler Green from Tyler Green FX Studio
Class: SFX Master Workshop with Tyler Green
Description: Learn how to apply professional SFX makeup with Tyler Green’s all new FX Makeup Box™

An all-in-one kit that gives you everything you need to learn how to apply professional SFX makeup materials. With every kit, you will have access to a special video tutorial by Tyler that breaks down the basic steps you need to create your final look!

Students will learn how to apply & paint a silicone prosthetic.

Workshop Breakdown:
-Encapsulated Silicone Appliances
-Application Techniques
-Blending Edges
-Airbrushing & Painting
-Safety & Removal

Kit Includes:
-Silicone Prosthetic Nose
-Alcohol Activated Make-Up Palette
-Brush Set
-Adhesive & Remover

4:00 pm: Alisa Sickora Kleckner from Scared of my Shadow

Friday Classes

9:00 am: Matt Davis from The Fear Farm
Class: Big scares with little actors
Description: We all have those actors that are great. They are sometimes the shy ones that turn it on at “show time”. They are the actors that guests come out talking about. They are the actors that we put in our que lines and midways to interact with the most guests. They are our “STARS!” But what about the rest? What about the kid who just wants a few extra bucks or the person who thinks it will be fun to jump out and scare people without realizing how much work it is? What about the teenage girls that are there because their friends are but you really need someone in that “spot”. Sometimes you just need someone in that “spot” last minute and don’t have time to train them or work with them. Due to being in a rural area and not having a big reach of people to pull from, we have had to get really creative to give our “bad actors” a chance to get good scares. Now, even without doing much they are the actors that some customers come out talking about. In this class you will see the things that we have done in room and set design and overall attractions so that you can take almost anyone and throw them in a spot and still get a scare. Come along with me and I will give you some ideas on how to turn your bad actors into good scarers with little to no haunt actor training.

11:00 am: Leonard Pickel from
Class: Haunt Design Do's and Don'ts: Common Errors That Decrease Haunt Effectiveness
Description: You've been there; going through a famous haunted house that you've heard so much about and thought, "it was pretty, but it wasn't really scary." Maybe you ran into the group ahead of you, or the actor was just standing in the room when you came in and never did anything to create fear in your group, but something wasn't working. In this thought provoking session, industry notable Leonard Pickel will explain what is missing in the scare factor of many popular haunts and how can you fix the same problems that are in your own haunt? Check out Leonard's website or contact him at or 972-951-5100


Friday Workshops

9:00 am: Douglas Shelden from The Haunt
Class: Making An Automatic Drop Panel 

11:30 pm: Kyle Vest aka Prince of Fear
Class: Beginner to Advanced Haunt Prosthetics workshop
Description: Prosthetics Class. This is a Hands on Class on how to achieve prosthetics at a haunt to advance your makeup skill level and over all looks. This is a way to show off your haunt to a movie level quality, his is a great class for marketing crossing the adds to the bill boards. This Class will make your line actors look like they walked off the movie set or theme park onto your Haunted attraction line. Brought to you by the Prince of Fear. Haunts need to Know Acting. This is A Class over acting of all aspects. This class will cover casting and important tricks of the trade to make the best of casting. Then go over things to look for during the process. It will show case stunts that you can bring into your attractions and and tips. Experience acting on a large scale for all levels of haunting! Brought you you by Haus Of Fear. Airbrush to Higher Heights. An Airbrush course to show state of the art airbrush trips and tricks. This class has multiple instructors so you can see multiple levels and different styles.