Pui Che is a fantasy illustrator. Together with the muses, Pui interweaves storytelling into each of his works, exploring philosophy and the spirituals.

Graduated with a degree in Game Art & Design at the Illinois Institute of Art- Schaumburg in 2008. Pui has worked on various freelance projects, from mobile games(Jukefest- 2012), cover illustrations(Contract Works- 2014), indie game developments(Codemancer- TBA), trading card games(Legend of Draxia- 2016, Tempest- Shards of the Gods - TBA) and many more.

In 2014, looking to explore more opportunities, Pui took an unfamiliar direction toward presenting his illustrative works at Acen(Anime Central, a convention & gathering event near his college hometown.). Faced with a crossing full of anxiety and plethoras of unknown challenges, Pui excitedly invoked all his talents to break through the fascinated battlefield. Realising the potential of visual narratives and a platform to share his work with a world of audiences, Pui revels in his new battleground. Continually honing in marketing, branding and creative experiments in this artistry lifestyle, Pui now travels across the United States as well as the globe doing international shows(FACTS- Belgium, Calgary Expo- Canada and more on the way!) on a co-independent creative entrepenurialship with his friends and family.

Pui’s outlook in his work focuses on ethereal and dreamscape, philosophy and spiritual. In his floralscapes, mythos and idiom series, each of his work emphasizes on detailed imageries, encouraging his audience to explore from the vastness of fantasy art, sharing stories, creating discussions with his audience and thoughts in life.

The painting process that Pui utilizes is called Controlled Chaos. Each of Pui’s work starts out with abstract blobs of paints and pen lines, then he slowly guides them with expertise control. Wild and with the muses, together in an intertwining dance resulting in works that explores beauties in details.