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Advanced Haunted Attraction Design
Speaker: Leonard Pickel of
SUNDAY 9:00am | Room #1: Creative | Category: Creative Design

Description: “It’s just a haunted house… how hard could it be?” While it may be true that anyone can design a haunted house, what sets a great haunted house apart from an okay haunted house? In this quick paced session from veteran Haunted Attraction designer Leonard Pickel, attendees will learn the process that leading attraction designers use to develop an attraction that is on the cutting edge on haunt design. In this thought provoking session Pickel will explain how he uses his Architectural education and 30 plus years of professional haunting experience to design terrifying Haunted Attractions, and how you can use these methods to strike terror into the hearts of your patrons. Take your attraction to the next level by taking this exciting class.

Managing Your Makeup Room Efficiently
Speaker: Mythica Blessyng from Mile High FX & Cosmetics
SUNDAY 9:00am | Room #2: Business | Category: Business Operations/Makeup

Description: In this session, Mythica Blessyng (von Griffyn) offers her years of experience and knowledge to help you successfully setup, operate and manage your makeup room. Whether your haunt is a small charity haunt, a massive multi-element pro haunt, or traveling acts and independent movies, you will learn tricks and tips in making your makeup department run more efficiently.

Creepy Characters: From Concept to Real Life
Speaker: Mythica Blessyng from Mile High FX & Cosmetics
SUNDAY 10:00am | Room #1: Creative | Category: Creative Theme/Costuming

Description: Ever have an idea for a character but didn't know how to make it a reality? In this session, Mythica Blessyng Will lead you through the design process from having a simple idea for your character to design the costumes, makeup, personality, back story, and more.

Mitigating Risk: Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence
Speaker: Wendy Christie from EmployerESource
SUNDAY 10:00am | Room #2: Business | Category: Business Legal

Description: All employers are at the risk of a lawsuit, an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or State Human Rights Bureau complaint. In this session, Wendy Christie will discuss the complex subjects of discrimination, sexual harassment, gender identity and discrimination. Topics include: taking a complaint, key steps in investigations, which states require sexual harassment policies and training, how to introduce a new sexual harassment policy to your company, and the different types of sexual harassment you need to watch for. Also shared is the one question that could save your company up to $25,000. Don't miss it!

Sew Scary: Costuming for Fear and Functionality
Speaker: Alisa Sickora Kleckner from Scared of my Shadow
SUNDAY 11:00am | Room #1: Creative | Category: Creative Costuming

Description: Having a great character idea is a good start, but actualizing what’s in your head can be downright terrifying! In this session, Alisa Sickora Kleckner will share a variety of tips and tricks on how to breathe life into the monster within without sacrificing your overall comfort and mobility. Topics include a variety of material approaches including specialty fabrics, mixed media like latex and silicone and even fabrication considerations for LED or EL wire applications. Haunt costuming is not cosplay so ditch the YouTube and bring your most haunting costuming questions for some expert guidance. This class is everyone interested in costuming.

Writing The Paranormal
Speaker: Frank Bennett from Frank J Bennett
SUNDAY 1:00pm | Room #1: Creative | Category: Creative Theme

Description: In this session, published author Frank Bennett will be instructing attendees on the pitfalls of writing and publishing ghost stories. Providing clarity for beginners on what is and is not paranormal and explaining what elements in the Paranormal can be used for elements in writing fiction and non-fiction paranormal works.

Haunt Marketing 101: How To Get More Customers To Find Your Attraction
Speaker: Nathan Alred from Social Rocket Pros
SUNDAY 1:00pm | Room #2: Business | Category: Business Marketing

Description: In this one hour session, Nathan Alred of Social Rocket Pros, instructs attendees how to make a marketing plan for their haunt! Including how to drive more customers to find Your attraction. Topics include; the start-up checklist, where to best spend money, Low cost marketing ideas, time saving social hacks, social media contests and giveaway rules and local advertising tactics.

Haunt Safety From Customers to Actors!
Speaker: Doug Sheldon from The Haunt
SUNDAY 2:00pm | Room #1: Creative | Category: Business Operations

Description: In this session, Doug Shelden of The Haunt in Grand Rapids, MI will cover actor and guest safety from an owner's point of view. Topics include how to set up you attraction to get the most out of your safety team, and what tools to implement that will help your team to keep everyone safe.

Blow Up Your Haunt’s Social Media with TikTok and Instagram
Speaker: Slider Jesus from Zombie army productions
SUNDAY 2:00pm | Room #2: Creative | Category: A Seminar With Q&A

Description: Join Cory Wright and Joseph Bodkin as they explain how to use social media to turn your haunted house into an internet sensation. Whether it be building, make up, costuming or acting, showcase your work to the world all year long and build a massive following using the power of TikTok and Instagram. This session covers hashtags, algorithm best times to post, dues and don’ts of social media and so much more. Presented by viral TikTok and social media creators Slider Jesus, and Pongo Joe.


Foam Hard Coating The Right Way
Speaker: Mitch Mitton from Mitton Theme Design
SUNDAY 9:00am | Room #3: Workshop | Category: Foam Carving

Description: Demonstrating the use of mill fiber and epoxy to make a hard coat. Other types of coating will be discuss along with their merits.

Grimy and Grungy: Down and Dirty Scenic Destressing
Speaker: Leonard Pickel of
SUNDAY 11:00am | Room #3: Workshop | Category: Creative Scenic

Description: You’ve seen the YouTube videos, with this haunter or that showing layers and layers of differing sprays and splatters to create the gross and drippy look of today’s high detail haunted houses. But who has that kind of time!? In this LIVE demonstration, haunt industry icon Leonard Pickel will show attendees how to get the same detailed distressing effects quicker and with less effort, saving you time and money! Take your haunt sets to the next level with these time saving tips and tricks. The session includes quick rust, faster wall destressing techniques, and the tools needed to speed up the process. Check out Leonard’s website at or email him at [email protected]

Creating A Rotten Jack O‘Lantern Prop (Fee Required)
Speaker: Michael Burnett from FrightNight Studios LLC
SUNDAY 1:00pm | Room #3: Workshop | Category: Make n Take

Duration: 1.5 hours
Materials Fee: $85.00
Limited to 12 students

Description: Nothing says HALLOWEEN like a spooky carved Jack O’Lantern with its flickering candlelight glowing on Halloween night! In this workshop, Special Makeup Effects artists Michael and Lynne Burnett will show you how to prepare, paint, distress, and finish your very own realistic rotten Jack O’Lantern! This is a great adult as well as parent/child activity! You will learn: Prepping and sanding the urethane parts, painting and distressing the prop, assembling, adding finishing details and lighting effect to the prop. At the end of the class, you will have your very own finished display prop that you can use in your haunt or as a Halloween a decoration for your house! Due to the amount of information we must cover, seats are limited. Please arrive a few minutes early to the class.