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Recruit and Build An All-Star Haunt Team
Speaker: Justin Blackburn from Sithon
FRIDAY 12:00pm | Room #1: Creative | Category: Business Operations/DEMO

Description: Top-notch actors and staff are the key to every successful haunt. In this session join Justin Blackburn in a discussion of proven strategies and tips for how to find and retain top talent for your haunt. Topics include a brief demo of Sithon, a leading actor management platform, and conclude with time for questions and group discussions.

Super Awesome Airbrush Makeup That Doesn't Suck!
Speaker: Michael Green from MJG Bodyart/ Killer Stencils
FRIDAY 1:00pm | Room #1: Creative | Category: Actor Training/makeup

Description: In this one hour demonstration, Michael Green of MJG Body art will cover speed tips you should be implementing in your makeup workflow to crank out better, FASTER, and somehow even more intricate makeup looks. He will show you his Killer Stencils line, and how to use them to create characters with more visual impact and detail in less time than you thought possible.

Adding Sliders To Your Event
Speaker: Todd Patton from Con Nooga
FRIDAY 2:00 pm | Room #1: Creative | Category: Actor Training

Description: You're walking along minding your own business, and suddenly out of the darkness an actor in full costume comes sliding towards you, hands sparking on the ground as the character stops only inches from your feet. Time to change your underwear. Second only to the chainsaw, sliders have become the go to scare for haunted attractions around the world. In this in-depth session, Todd Patton and Josh Philpott will delve into slider background, training routines, the best equipment and where to get it, as well as safe scare techniques for first time sliders. With a little practice your actors will be driving the kind of screams that are money in the bank for haunt owners.

Speed Makeup for the Haunt Industry
Speaker: Emily Bloom from Bloom’s FX and Design
FRIDAY 3:00 pm | Room #1: Creative | Category: Actor Training/makeup

Description: In this one hour session, Emily Bloom of Bloom's FX and Design will demonstrate speed airbrushing techniques to attendees. This session includes tips and tricks on how to save money and time to get the most out of the makeup department at your haunt.

Dealing With Problem Guests
Speaker: Kenneth Leary from A Petrified Forest
FRIDAY 4:00 pm | Room #1: Creative | Category: Actor Training

Description: In this session, Kenneth Leary delves into the difficulty of dealing with problem guests as an actor. From the Mom yelling to not scare her kid, to aggressive teens, or guests who ruin the haunt experience for others (talking back to actors or pointing out where a scare is coming from). Problem customers are becoming more and more common, and learning how to diffuse the situation and stay in character is a necessary skill. In this class attendees will learn why they act this way and how to deal with them effectively.