The Friday Night Event is included with your Fear Expo VIP Tickets. Fear Expo General Admission Ticket Holders can purchase the Friday Night event for $25. 

DOORS AT 8:30pm

HellzaPoppin Circus Sideshow
Get ready to experience the wild, weird, and wonderful world of Hellzapoppin! This outrageous rock-n-roll circus sideshow of wonder has performed well over 3,000 shows throughout 16 countries. They've appeared in famous music videos and toured with some of the biggest rock bands on the planet. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not featured Hellzapoppin in their brand-new book, Level Up! There's something for everyone in this show, with a mix of circus acts, death-defying stunts, human curiosities, and oddities, you won't believe your eyes! Experience the excitement and thrills of Hellzapoppin, where the impossible becomes reality.

Mr. Lugosi
Post Apocalyptic Vampire Metal
Get ready to keep the adrenaline pumping at the Fear Expo After Party! Join us on April 12th at 11 pm for a live musical extravaganza featuring none other than the enigmatic industrial metal band, Mr. Lugosi. Hailing from the depths of Corbin, Kentucky, Mr. Lugosi is not your average band—they're a quartet of Post Apocalyptic Warrior Vampires ready to unleash their sonic fury upon the crowd. With Macy Fox, Daniel Hale, Marc Lamb, and Daniel Monroe at the helm, their performances are legendary, leaving sold-out venues in their wake. Embrace the darkness and immerse yourself in their haunting melodies as they transport you to a dystopian realm where vampires, zombies, and ghosts reign supreme. Behind their ominous sound is the masterful production of Dusty Boles, whose musical prowess knows no bounds. Join us for a night of electrifying music and unforgettable moments as Mr. Lugosi takes the industrial metal scene by storm. Don't miss out on this thrilling experience!