Kurt Controllers


SyncSix controllers offer a new and affordable way to trigger and control your animatronics

Triggerable prop controllers are commonplace in any haunted house or escape room environment. From controlling audio, lights, motors and pneumatics, if you make any animatronic device you will have to use some sort of controller.

As a kid making Halloween animatronics for my home haunt, I often found the cost of prop controllers available on the market to be prohibitively expensive. Fast forward a couple of years and I am still wondering why a more affordable and flexible prop controller does not exist. So I decided to make one.

The SyncSix prop controller is an Arduino-based open-source prop controller and is available in two versions that differ by their output types. The SyncSix DC is equipped with six 5-24V (4A max continuous) outputs while the SyncSix AC uses six 120-240VAC (10A max) relays to switch wall power. Both also feature:

-Stereo MP3 digital audio (32GB class 10 micro SD card included) with ambient track option.

-Barrel plug, screw terminal, and USB mini power connections

-One standard 5v trigger input.

-One ultrasonic sensor trigger input.