Blooms FX and Design

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Blooms fx and design

Blooms fx and design is your one stop shop for the horror and haunt industry. Services provided are the following....

  • Makeup applications both SFX and beauty
  • Custom prop design
  • Set dressing and 3d painting
  • Custom painting and murals on any surface
  • Costumes
  • Makeup education
  • Guest acting and character creation
  • Actor training
  • Product sales
  • Resource connection
  • Body painting
  • Certified cosmetologist

Feel free to contact me for anything you need if I can’t do it I will get you the connection.

Emily Bloom (lynn)

Beauty and artistry by Emily Bloom. Owner and operator of Blooms Fx and Design and Bloominhair salon. Both companies bring you the best products for both the beauty and the SFX industry! ( I have been specializing in the industry 28 years). That's why I am excited to share my one-stop shop.

I also provide classes or on-site services such as, Sfx make-up applications, photo sessions for media and alternative photos, set design, guest acting, custom painted art and that's not all, much more is on the way! Please check in often I have new inventory every day! Don't forget to join Bloom's FX and Design on Facebook for live information special guest artists and more. Thank you for your support!